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1. Organize

  • Boxes
    IconBox organizes icons into so called "Boxes", you can think of them as an iPhoto album. You import icons into them by drag-and-drop, or by choosing File > Import from the IconBox menu.
  • Supported Formats
    IconBox can import different formats: ICNS, PNG, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PDF and even the iContainer format.
  • Smart Boxes
    Besides standard "Boxes", IconBox features "Smart Boxes", just like smart albums in iPhoto or smart playlists in iTunes.
  • Flexible Structure
    The organize structure is fully customizable, meaning you can drag Boxes into Groups and Groups into other Groups and so on...
  • Quick Export
    IconBox also features a "Quick Export" panel, allowing you to instantly export your selected icons into different formats and sizes. (ICNS, ICO, PNG, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, iContainer)

2. Customize

  • System Icons
    This section allows you to customize most of the system icons, like the Finder icon, the trash, folders badges,...
    IconBox fully supports the iContainer format, letting you change the whole system with a single click of a button.
  • Application Icons
    Don't like the look of your Photoshop icon, need a cooler World of Warcraft icon? This is the place to be.
  • Dock Appearance
    Download one of the many available docks from artists all over the world or create your own, Drop these files in the correct wells and hit Apply. Voila, instant Dock change.
  • Volumes
    Change those boring default icons of your Internal Hard drives, your USB sticks, portable drives, etc...
  • IconBox Helper Tool
    Customizing icons will become even easier with an all new helper tool. If you purchased IconBox via the Mac App Store you can download it here. For other users it is part of IconBox so you don't need to download it.

3. Tools

  • X-Ray Applications
    IconBox also features a "Tools" mode. The purpose of this mode is to host different icon related tools. The first tool available for now is "X-Ray Applications".
    X-Ray scans your application folder for the apps within and by clicking an app, it shows all the available icons and images within the application package, letting you have a look at them (Even with, export them etc...

4. Online

  • Icon of the Day
    A nifty little section that features a new icon from a different artist every day, allowing you to import it directly into IconBox. It also allows you to go directly to the artist's website or to retweet about the Icon of the Day instantly.
  • Icon Sites
    Hosts a list of icon related websites. The list is maintained by us and is updated regularly. Double-Clicking a website opens it in your default browser, comes in handy when you need new inspiration or new icons.
  • Iconfinder
    Perhaps the most underestimated section in IconBox. It uses the API which let's you search through over 155.000 icons and allows you to instantly download them into IconBox by drag 'n drop, conveniently creating all Icon Sizes as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the system requirements for IconBox?
    Mac OS X 10.7 or higher.
  • Where are my icons stored?
    The default location is ~/Library/Application Support/IconBox2. This location can be changed in the Preferences panel.
  • How do I backup my icons?
    There are two items you need to copy to your backup-media:
    1. The folder "IconBox" in ~/Library/Application Support/ or the custom location you've set in the Preferences panel.
    2. The preference file "com.chickenbyte.IconBox2" in ~/Library/Preferences/
  • What are the limitations of the unregistered version?
    The unregistered version of IconBox 2 is limited to import no more than 250 icons and only works for 15 days.
  • Can i import my CandyBar™ collection?
    Yes! Since version 2.5 it is possible to import the complete CandyBar™ collection, preserving the structure of all folders and collections.
  • I love it, where can i buy it, how much does it cost?
    $14.99 USD, either via the Mac App Store or via PayPal.
  • Can IconBox change the gray Mac OS X Lion sidebar icons?
    In theory, yes it can. Unfortunately, the system automatically applies the gray shading to the icons. The only thing we can suggest is that you apply black and white icons with transparency and the system will convert them to it's own color scheme.
  • I have payed trough PayPal but i still have not received any registration code, how come?
    For safety reasons, registration codes are generated manually by us. Therefore, please allow 12-24 hours to receive your code. Purchasing via the Mac App Store is instant.
  • It has been a couple of days and the registration still did not show up, what's going on?
    Some customers mentioned that their registration email had been filtered by their junk mail filter. Please check your junk mail before sending us or PayPal an email.
  • I purchased in a bundle and my registration is not working.
    Please try entering your email address in both the name and email field.

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